As the Canadian wine industry grows and matures, its economic impact will continue to deliver significant value added economic benefits in our wine producing regions and across Canada.

  • 671 grape-based wineries in operation with almost 1,700 grape growers/vineyards across Canada, producing quality fruit on approximately 30,000 acres of vineyards
  • Grape wine production in 6 provinces: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
  • Roughly 94% of Canadian wineries producing VQA/100% Canadian wine products are considered small enterprises with a capacity of less than 500,000 litres. Another 5% are medium-sized producers (500,000 litres – 1 million litres) and the remaining 1% of domestic wineries are large producers with production exceeding 1 million litres per year
  • Exports of Canadian wine reached a high of 64.4 million litres in 2014, valued at $66.3 million
  • Per capita wine consumption in Canada (2011) was valued at $215.10 (16.5 litres), compared to $320 (80.3 litres) for beer and $177.40 (7.4 litres) for spirits (Statistics Canada)