International Collaboration


CVA supports and is a proud partner in promoting social responsibility, education, knowledge, and information in support of the Canadian wine industry.

National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee (NASAC)

The CVA supports the promotion of drinking in moderation and responsible wine consumption and plays an active role in contributing towards preventing excessive consumption and misuse of alcoholic beverages in Canada. The CVA is a member of a multi-stakeholder National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Committee which is focused on a balanced approach to implementation of the National Alcohol Strategy recommendations.

World Wine Trade Group (WWTG)

The CVA is a founding member of the WWTG, which includes the joint participation of government industry groups from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Georgia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States, with the goal of sharing information, collaborating on a variety of international issues with a vision to create an environment for the free trade in wine.


Since 1951, FIVS has been serving the interests of the alcohol beverage industry, as a worldwide federation designed to serve the wine, beer and spirits sectors. CVA works with FIVS to promote a successful industry in an environment free from trade-distorting factors.


FreeMyGrapes is a volunteer based, non-profit group established by Canadian wine lovers. Its mission is to change provincial and federal laws, so Canadians can purchase and have wine shipped across provincial borders for their personal use. Sign up for FreeMyGrapes Action Alerts here.

BlackSquare Inc.

The CVA and BlackSquare Inc. have launched a joint, multi-year project called Wine411the first, national online directory of Canada’s wineries. BlackSquare Inc. is a winery focused e-commerce provider and creator of Blackboxx, made for direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales in the global wine and spirits industry. BlackSquare is based in Calgary, Alberta, with a subsidiary office in Sydney, Australia and local presences in Vancouver and Hong Kong.