International Market Development

Red & White International Export Strategy for Canadian Wine

Our Vision: Canada is globally recognized as the world’s finest producer of premium cool-climate wines.

The 2014-2018 Red & White International Export Strategy for Canadian Wine provides a new framework for growing Canada’s premium wine exports, including target markets, tactics and performance indicators. Developed by the CVA’s International Trade and Export Committee, comprised of winery representatives of all scales of production, as well as provincial associations, the strategy is proudly industry led and managed.

Canada is recognized as the world’s premier flagship producer of Icewine, achieving a level of recognition that has supported the Canadian wine industry’s global exports and international wine market development. From this advantageous position, the strategy will leverage the reputation and build greater global recognition for Canadian excellence in cool-climate wines, including table, dessert and sparkling wine products. As a producer of high quality, high value wines, this point of differentiation will help set Canada apart from other global wine producing countries, and is reflected by our new vision statement for the Canadian wine export program: Canada is globally recognized as the world’s finest producer of premium coolclimate wines. 

Recognizing the many opportunities for Canadian wine in global markets, and evaluating them against market potential with full consideration of the industry’s resource limitations, the most promising metropolitan centres were identified as: New York City, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, and for market access related issues, Brussels. The following strategies were then identified, accompanied by tactics, to achieve success in the target geographical markets:

Strategic Priority 1: Increase global awareness of Canada as a serious “cool-climate” wine producing region to build and retain international export market

Strategic Priority 2: Introduce Canadian businesses to high opportunity/exposure distribution channel and commercial opportunities

Strategic Priority 3: Support international winery tourism as mechanism to create pull, pricing and sustainability for international sales

Strategic Priority 4: Protect and enhance fair access to global markets through advocacy and information exchange with industry and international wine organizations

The Red & White International Export Strategy for Canadian Wine is an important document for the Canadian wine industry. It establishes reasonable and ambitious goals, while also balancing export priorities with the need to increase Canadian domestic market share, which will support greater revenue growth to re‐invest in export development. We appreciate the contributions of our committee members and winery associations across Canada in its development.